SABIC Registration and Qualification

SABIC is a world-leading diversified chemicals company dedicated to improving the lives of people. SABIC mainly produces; chemicals, Plastics, fertilizers, and metals which are among the many critical products manufactured by the corporation. SABIC places a high emphasis on innovation and is always developing new products and solutions to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs. The company has a worldwide presence with activities in over 50 countries.

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There are many benefits to becoming a SABIC supplier. First and foremost, SABIC is a large and stable company with a strong reputation. This means that suppliers can have confidence that they will be paid on time and in full.
in addition, SABIC is constantly exploring new markets for its products and services. As a SABIC supplier, you would have the opportunity to expand your offerings of products and services into new markets.
Finally, SABIC is committed to working with its suppliers to improve their performance. SABICS’ supplier development Team works with suppliers to help them understand SABIC’s requirements and expectations and keep the circle of improvements going.