ARAMCO Vendor Registration

Saudi Aramco is a major global producer of crude oil and natural gas. They are based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and operate in over 70 countries. Forbes estimates Saudi Aramco’s revenue in 2021 to be $355.9 billion.

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Saudi Aramco assigns a vendor number to a company in order to do business with them. Aramco vendor Registration Number is used by Aramco and main contractor inspectors during audits and as a reference when ordering materials and supplies.
There are numerous advantages to having a vendor number with Saudi Aramco. The most important advantage is that it allows your company to be added to Aramco’s approved vendor list. Aramco buyers use this list to source materials and supplies, and being on it gives your company a competitive advantage. Furthermore, having Aramco Vendor Registration Number can assist your company in developing a positive reputation in the Saudi Arabian market. This is because Aramco is a well-known company.